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EPISODE III • coming soon •

Cities & Stories #2

In this episode, the concept is constructed in the reverse order: first the tracks are produced, then the corresponding photos are chosen. There is an abstract connection between the tracks and the images; the real story is hidden and covered by imaginary scenes, while crafting the sounds for it. 

The true story triggers an inspiration for a solid episode that allows anyone to imagine/create their own scenarios through the soundtracks. 


"Words tell a story. Silence puts you in thousand stories. Imagine!"

Cities & Stories #2


  1. 3. Ride Your Mind
    3. Ride Your Mind
  2. 1. Words Tell A Story
    1. Words Tell A Story
  3. 2. Imagine
    2. Imagine
  4. 5. Surf
    5. Surf
  5. 6. One Way To Dreamland
    6. One Way To Dreamland
  6. 7. Pieces
    7. Pieces
  7. 10. Silence After The Storm
    10. Silence After The Storm
  8. 9. Dark Sight
    9. Dark Sight
  9. 4. Thousand Stories
    4. Thousand Stories
  10. 8. Downthrill
    8. Downthrill
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Cities & Stories #1

Cities & Stories is a conceptual electronic music album produced by Sermet Cakmak. The idea is to combine sounds with photos; relating them to cities. 

"The first episode of Cities & Stories part of my story and my experience in Brussels. Unlike a complete project, it was more likely a demonstration for the idea, how pieces should be combined together; sounds, stories and photos. 

Cities & Stories answered some of the questions in my mind about releasing a conceptual album. I am not claiming that I am done; still tons of things to learn. Now I know how to handle the process, where to start, who to contact on the way. Next goal is to prepare for the second episode professionally."  - S. C.  

"Influence by the unique and fantastic arts in metro stations (Brussels, Belgium) created an idea: making tracks for each of them. Then... And then the idea got a little different shape: selected thirteen places that give me inspiration and produced a track for each of them. "

Cities & Stories #1

Brussels, Belgium

  1. 1. First Step
    1. First Step
  2. 3. Mysteria
    3. Mysteria
  3. 13. The Door
    13. The Door
  4. 9. Rush
    9. Rush
  5. 10. Crusty Crush
    10. Crusty Crush
  6. 12. Uncovered Heaven
    12. Uncovered Heaven
  7. 2. Shivers
    2. Shivers
  8. 5. Imaginarium
    5. Imaginarium
  9. 11. Imperfection
    11. Imperfection
  10. 6. Highed & Sick
    6. Highed & Sick
  11. 4. Begin
    4. Begin
  12. 7. Verborgen
    7. Verborgen
  13. 8. Back To Life
    8. Back To Life
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